Help us save rare horse breeds

Many factors contribute to the shrinking horse market, but when the economy faces a downturn, rare breeds are hit the hardest.
At Cascadia Horses, we currently focus our breeding program on two critically endangered breeds: Caspian horses and Suffolk Punch draft horses. These critically endangered breeds are at risk of going extinct, but with the help of devoted people, farms, and for-profit and non-profit businesses that wish to promote and sustain rare breeds, we can ensure them a promising future .

You can help our cause. When you purchase a horse from us or contribute to our farm or our affiliates, you enable us to keep producing the next generation of foals. Together, we can keep these breeds around for our children, and potentially find new breeders who will produce and promote descendants of our rare horse breeds. 

It is through ownership, breeding, and exhibition that rare horses can perservere.

  • Suffolk Punch

    British breed

    Visit the American Suffolk Horse Association for info about this critically endangered breed.

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  • Caspian Horse

    Persian breed

    Visit the Caspian Horse Breeders Association for info about this critically endangered breed.

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  • Our Caretakers

    Taylor & Brenda

    An unusual married couple with a passion for raising unusual horses.

  • Our Farmmates

    Little Hooves

    We got started with miniature horses, but who knows where it will end!

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